Eight tees for every hole? Two holes on every green? When Marty Elgison and course designer, Bobby Cupp, revitalized one of the oldest public golf course in Atlanta, they created one of the most revolutionary and innovative layouts golf has ever seen … reversible golf course.

Bobby Jones Golf Course in Atlanta, Georgia, is innovating course design for the future of golf in urban areas. To build and maintain a reversible course designed with two tracks for a total of 18 holes using only nine greens takes genius engineering, creative problem solving, and a team of experts in every area of course management. Not only did they create 18 holes in the footprint of nine but designed eight tee boxes for each hole so golfers of every skill level can tee off in the best position to maintain pace of play and hedge scoring for each player making it fun for adults to play with kids or scratch golfers with high handicapped players.

In this episode of Forefront, Bobby Jones Foundation president Elgison is our guide into the aforementioned design of the course, it’s history, and the team that keeps is going.

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