The Bandy Instructional Center and our dedicated practice areas offer a state-of-the-art learning environment. To become a better golfer, you must address all key areas of focus to develop your total golf game.  You will only be as good as your weakest skill, so we focus on all aspects of the game.

  • Driving- Trackman. We will make sure your club face, club path and angle of attack are optimized.
  • Irons- We will use video and force plate technology to help your bio-mechanics and footwork to improve your ball striking.
  • Wedges- We will use our dedicated short game area to sharpen your ability to hit wedges solid and improve your distance control.
  • Short game- We will develop and expand your toolbox of shots around the green to help you be able to navigate any situation on the golf course.  
  • Putting- Using our SAM Putt Lab, we will take a deep dive into the mechanics of your putting stroke. 
  • Club Fitting- Our partnership with the PGA Tour Superstore allows us to make sure your equipment is perfectly optimized for your swing to help you play better.
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