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I enjoy working with all types of golfers but specialize in launch monitor and video-based training to help established Junior and Adult golfers get to the next level. My teaching philosophy is focused on impact and being able to help any golfer improve no matter their physical abilities.

Jason Kuiper, PGA

Director of Instruction
I enjoy helping established players increase ownership of their games, as well as giving junior golfers a strong and solid foundation to begin their journey into the game. I accomplish this by helping my students understand the clubface, as well as how and when to move their bodies in order to make their swings as efficient as possible.

Justin Martin, PGA

Lead Instructor
My goal is to help Ladies and New Golfers move from the driving range to the golf course and to encourage established players to identify the areas that will lower their scores the most. I focus on balance and contact which improves all golf motions from putting to full-swing.

Tonya Danckaert

Lead Instructor
My biggest strength is creating a simple approach that caters to juniors and beginners for a full comprehension of their golf swing. I look forward to helping you have more fun and enjoy the game of golf.

Rachel Clopton, PGA

Lead Instructor
You are only as strong as your weakest link and only as efficient as your worst mechanic. I’ll use my experience and training to help you become a more efficient golfer through club fittings and science-based golf techniques.

Rex Ross

Club Fitter/Lead Instructor 
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